Does Notion Support Apple Pencil?

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Users of Apple products like the iPad and Apple Pencil will know how easy these interactive tools are to use. Especially for things like note-taking!

Notion is regarded as a powerful productivity tool packed with cool features including note-taking templates. Students, business owners, and people that love to stay organized all use Notion to make notes, to-do lists, task lists, and much more!

Does Notion support Apple Pencil?

Let’s find out!

Does Notion Support the Apple Pencil?

Great news! You can use your Apple Pencil on Notion. To enable the Apple Pencil your iPad must have OS 14 or later installed.

Updating your device means you can write, draw, and navigate your Notion workspace using your Apple Pencil.

What if you can’t install OS 14 or later?

If your device doesn’t support the latest OS, then Notion has limited support for the Apple Pencil. You can’t use it for handwriting or as a drawing tool. There are three things an Apple Pencil can do on older versions of Apple OS:

  1. Click
  2. Select
  3. Scroll

If you need to add handwritten notes or drawings to Notion you will need to create them using an external notation product and import the notes to your Notion workspace.

Why You Should Use the Apple Pencil with Notion

Interacting with Notion using a touchscreen can be easier with an Apple Pencil. App users can make more precise clicks on the screen meaning less chance of a mistake. It also means fewer dirty fingerprints all over the screen!

Not only is the app user experience quicker, but it’s cleaner as well when using the Apple Pencil.

What Can You Do With the Apple Pencil in Notion?

a person drawing with an Apple pencil

Provided you can install OS 14 or later you can draw, write, and navigate using the Apple Pencil in Notion.

Take note taking to the next level by writing directly on Notion with your Apple Pencil. Not having to import notes or use an interactive keyboard can make things so much faster! Your workflow will definitely become supercharged.

Drawing on Notion using an Apple Pencil is much easier. You don’t need to add any third-party apps to enable this feature. Start by clicking into a block and typing /embed. A popup box will appear asking for a URL. Enter and that’s it! You can now draw directly on Notion. This includes changing colors, saving the image, and clearing the canvas.

Navigation is also much simpler using the Apple Pencil. Anyone can navigate Notion using the Apple Pencil regardless of which Apple OS you currently have. You can click, select, and scroll using the Apple Pencil as a stylus.

Does Notion work on iPad?

Notion is one of the best collaborative tools that’s accessible on almost any device, including the Apple iPad!

Even more convenient is the option to download the Notion app onto your device from the Apple store. Once installed you can get notifications and support for Share Sheet.

Share Sheet is a feature of the iPad that allows the sharing of files between applications. Thanks to this nifty feature you can upload files such as documents, web clippings, and emails directly to your Notion workspace without needing to open the Notion app first! A fantastic timesaver.

All other features found on Notion for iPad are the same as you would find on any other version of Notion. You can access your workspace on the move and edit anything you need to!

Will Notion Add Handwriting Support for the Apple Pencil?

Notion responded to a Tweet back in 2018 confirming that handwriting capabilities for the Apple Pencil are one of their top feature requests. 

What’s happened since then?

Notion for iPad now supports the Apple Pencil if you have OS 14 or later. Otherwise, the Apple Pencil still makes a fantastic stylus, but can’t be used for anything else.

Can You Draw in Notion with the Apple Pencil?

You can use the Apple Pencil as a drawing tool on Notion. To do this you need to have OS 14 or later. Next, you need to add Notion Draw to your workspace. Click into the block you wish to use and type /embed

You will get a popup box and here you can enter the URL, that’s all you need to do to activate the option to draw on Notion.

What if you can’t don’t have Apple OS 14 or later on your iPad?

In that case, you can’t draw in Notion using your Apple Pencil. Instead, you will have to use other drawing apps and import the content to your Notion workspace.

Does Notion allow handwriting?

Notion supports technology for handwriting recognition with the Apple Pencil if you have OS 14 on your iPad. If you don’t have that OS, then you can’t use the Apple Pencil to create handwritten content.

You can use other apps that are compatible with the Apple Pencil and import that content to your Notion workspace.

How do you handwrite in Notion?

If you have an iPad that supports the Apple Pencil for Notion, you can use it straight away. Simply write on the screen and your text will appear. Easy!

Can I write notes on Notion?

a person writing notes in Notion

Notion is one of the best productivity tools on the market. Using the platform for note-taking is one of its primary app-specific features.

If you use an iPad with OS 14 or later, you can write notes directly on Notion! This is a great time saver.

Older iPad versions won’t let you write notes on Notion using the Apple Pencil. Instead, you can write notes using the keyboard pad controls. Alternatively, write notes on a third-party app that supports the Apple Pencil and import the notes to your Notion workspace.

Should I use Notion for notes?

As a note-taking tool Notion is awesome! That’s because you have complete control over how everything is organized. The ability to organize your notes how you want makes it easier to refer back to them.

Color codes can be used to make your notes stand out and for finding groups of notes faster. Use the extensive color palette to change all block colors including background colors for a more personal workspace.

Apart from writing notes, you can use the Notion web clipper to save things of interest you find from around the web. 

Can I annotate on Notion?

Notion doesn’t let you annotate. However, you should be able to write or draw directly on images using the Apple Pencil if you have OS 14 or later.

If your Apple device doesn’t support the Apple Pencil on Notion, then you would have to export the image to an external annotation tool. Make your annotations and import them back to your Notion workspace.

Does Notion have pen support?

Pen support for pens like the Samsung S is not available on Notion. If you use other pens you will have to use third-party apps and then import the handwritten notes to Notion.

Proud owners of Apple iPad can enjoy using their Apple Pencil if you have OS 14 or later. You can easily write, draw, and navigate your Notion workspace using the pencil.

If you don’t have the right OS, you can still use your Apple Pencil as a stylus. However, it may be time for an upgrade!