How To Delete Notion Account

Larry Snyder
Written By Larry Snyder

Larry Snyder is a home office expert with years of experience helping people set up and optimize their home work spaces.

Figuring out how to delete an account you no longer want to use can be tricky sometimes.

Perhaps you want to delete Notion and are worried about spending time searching Notion for answers on how to do this. Maybe you are worried that the process will be complicated, or even worse, that you might have to call someone to cancel!

Great news! Deleting Notion is not only easy to do. It can be done in just a couple of clicks! No need to waste time browsing FAQs, sitting in call queues, or asking questions in forums. Instead, find out how to delete Notion account now.

How to Delete Your Notion Account

Deleting your Notion account is super easy. Start by clicking ‘Settings & Members’ on the left sidebar.

A pop-up box will appear. On the left-hand side, you will have a list of options. At the top click on ‘My account’.

Now scroll down and you will see a section titled ‘Danger zone’. Highlighted in red you will see a box that reads ‘Delete my account’

When you click the option to delete your account you will get a confirmation request. The popup will confirm that your Notion account and entire workspace will be permanently deleted. 

If you are sure about deleting your Notion account, then click the confirmation button in red. You will also be asked to enter your email address to confirm the deletion of your Notion account and the entirety of workspaces.

That’s it! Just a few clicks of less than a minute and your Notion account is deleted!

What Happens When an Account Is Deleted?

When a Notion account is deleted all accounts linked to that email address are deleted. You will also be shown a list of workspaces that will be deleted before the Notion account is deleted.

You will be shown the list of workspaces to be deleted at the confirmation stage.

Any workspace that you are the only member of will be deleted. If you are the only admin of a shared workspace, that workspace will be deleted. Shared workspaces with multiple admins will remain, but your access will be removed.

Emails will be sent confirming the Notion account has been deleted once you’ve completed the process.

How Do I Delete a Personal Workspace in Notion?

Sometimes you may need to delete inactive workspaces. To do this click on ‘Settings & Members’ in the left sidebar.

You will now get a pop-up box. Click ‘Settings’ on the left sidebar.

Scroll down until you see the heading ‘Danger zone’. Highlighted in red is the option called ‘Delete entire workspace’.

You will now get a warning message explaining that deleting a workspace is permanent. 

To confirm the workspace deletion you will need to type in the workspace name and click the option to permanently delete the workspace.

Deleting a workspace means every bit of content will be deleted. You can still see any other workspaces you are a member of. Otherwise, you will need to create a new workspace if you still wish to use Notion.

How Do I Reset My Notion Account?

You might delete a Notion account by accident. Sometimes you might delete default templates, features, a database, or an entire workspace option!

If this happens to you, then Notion may be able to restore the deleted content. Notion uses database tools that make backups of all content for every minute of the last 30 days. Any content deleted within 30 days can usually be restored in full.

To get your Notion account or other content restored send an email to or click the question mark in the bottom right corner of the Notion browser.

You will see a popup menu, click ‘Send us a message’ and the Notion team will be in touch.

How Do You Delete Multiple Notions?

If you have multiple Notion accounts, then you will need to log in to each one separately to delete each Notion account.

Simply follow the process above to delete each Notion account. The good news is that deleting a Notion account is fast to do. If you have multiple accounts you can delete them in a few minutes!

Can I Change My Notion Email?

Changing the email address linked to your Notion account is a straightforward process. When you change the email address linked to your Notion account this will apply to all workspaces.

Start by selecting ‘Settings & Members’ on the left menu bar.

Next, click ‘My account’ that is displayed in the left sidebar of the popup box.

You will now see your personal info and the option to change your email address. 

To complete the change you need to enter the password for your Notion account. You will be sent a verification code to your new email address. Enter the code on Notion and the change of email address will be completed. That’s it! Easy, right?

If you get an error message stating the email address is already in use, this could mean you’ve used the email address before and forgotten about it! Perhaps you have an old Notion account that you no longer use.

To fix this, log in to the old Notion account and delete it. Now you can use your email address in your new Notion account.

Can I Move My Notion Content to Another Workspace?

You can move content from one workspace to another. If required, content can be moved to another Notion account entirely!

To move a page to another workspace that’s in the same Notion account, right-click on the page title in the sidebar that you want to move. Now click ‘Move to’ from the popup menu and move the page to your preferred workspace. 

Moving content to another Notion account can be done in a couple of clicks. Make sure all the pages you want to move are under the same top-level page. Click ‘Share’ that’s usually located in the top right of the page.

When you click the share option you will get a popup box.

Click ‘Invite’ and enter the email address for the Notion account you want to send the content to. Go to the new Notion account, the workspace you’ve shared can now be accessed in that Notion account.

You can now follow the process for moving pages from one workspace to another. Once you’ve moved all the pages you wish, then you can delete the old workspace.

Now you know how to delete your Notion account, I’m sure you agree it’s easy and quick to do! In less than a minute an entire Notion account or workspace can be fully deleted.

However, you don’t always need to delete a Notion account. If you are a member of someone else’s workspace you could leave that workspace and start your own instead.

Maybe you want to delete your Notion account as Notion hasn’t helped you as much as you thought it would. Instead of deleting your Notion account, maybe have a look for a template that will help you be more productive. 

Notion has an extremely in-depth template library and once you find the templates that work best for you, then you can supercharge your productivity!

Ultimately, if Notion isn’t for you there are lots of alternatives. Check out these Notion alternatives to find the best productivity tool for you.