Is Notion Safe? A Detailed Look Into The App

Larry Snyder
Written By Larry Snyder

Larry Snyder is a home office expert with years of experience helping people set up and optimize their home work spaces.

Staying safe online may feel impossible sometimes. It seems like everywhere is fraught with potential risks.

Internet fraud during 2020 saw losses of over $4 billion according to a report from the FBI. Protecting your data is vital to minimize the risk of financial loss.

Productivity apps like Notion store a lot of your data. How can you be sure Notion is safe? Find out now as we take a detailed look into the app and reveal how secure it is.

Installing Notion: How Easy Was It

Notion is super easy to install. For Mac or Windows go to the Notion download link and click the right one for your system to add the Notion desktop app.

Mobile users can download the Notion app from the Play Store or the App Store.

If you prefer, you can simply use Notion straight from their website!

Data syncs across devices so feel free to install Notion on all devices you may use!

Notion Data Access Concerns

Notion stores all data on secure servers that encrypt the data when in transit and at rest.

However, end-to-end encryption is not enabled on Notion. This means employees could see all data stored on your workspace.

Can Notion Employees Access Your Data?

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Notion’s Terms and Conditions in part say the following:

‘Monitoring Content: Although we’re not obligated to monitor access to or use of the Service or Content or to review or edit any Content, we have the right to do so’

What this means is that currently, Notion employees can freely access user data. However, Notion is working on a solution that will give users the choice of enabling and disabling when their data can be accessed.

This doesn’t mean Notion employees are casually browsing your data! 

It just means they could if they wanted to. If you have sensitive data that you don’t want to risk at all, then you must decide if you wish to keep that on Notion or not, as there is a tiny possibility a Notion employee could access it.

Does Notion Respect Privacy

Notion has a robust Privacy Policy that protects the personal information of all users. The comprehensive policy covers users whether they be on mobile, the website, or any other interaction with Notion.

Notion: The Good and the Bad

Notion makes task management easy with a range of awesome templates to suit every type of project. Collaboration with a team, the ability to work anywhere, and affordable plans make Notion the first choice for anyone seeking an all-in-one workspace.

Safety online is a big concern, how does Notion fare?

Notion has outstanding safety features. First, users can be confident of their privacy thanks to a comprehensive Privacy Policy.

All data is securely stored on Notion’s server and other users can’t see your pages unless you allow it.

There are a couple of concerns for users of Notion to be mindful of. Notion doesn’t support two-factor authentication. Plus, there is a concern that Notion employees have total access to your data should they wish to.

Notion are working on solutions to these concerns which should mean greater control of your data in the future.

Notion Terms and Conditions

Reading pages of terms and conditions isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Yet, knowing what’s in there is the best way to understand how protected you are.

The Terms and Conditions provided by Notion cover all aspects of your account with them. Data security, which third-parties have access to your data, and how Notion will manage the account are some of the topics covered.

What Security Does Notion Use?

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Notion meets some of the highest industry standards when it comes to security. Completion of SOC 2 Type 1 & 2 reports verify that Notion’s security policies and controls are fit for purpose.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) has been implemented for use within the data center and out. This security encrypts data sent via the internet meaning hackers and others can’t access your data. Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

Notion runs on the cloud using Amazon Web Servers (AWS). Additionally, the system is contained within a virtual private network that can’t be accessed via public internet. The only exception is via Notion’s public-facing proxy servers.

AWS CloudTrail is always active. The benefit of AWS CloudTrail is that it records actions taken by users, AWS services, and others. This tool assists Notion with the governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing of their AWS account.

Further security measures taken by Notion including quarterly security audits using independent security firms, notifying users of a data breach within 72 hours, and making sure all Notion employees receive regular security training.

What Content Could I Place in Notion?

Notion lets you import content from multiple apps. Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Evernote are just some of the platforms you may already use that you wish to transfer content from.

All content you import is securely stored on Notion’s servers. 

The Best Way To Use Notion

Using Notion safely can be easily achieved by following a few simple steps. First, make sure you only allow access to people that need it.

Sharing is turned off by default. Only share pages that you must for each project.

Don’t store highly sensitive data such as banking information and passwords on Notion. Data like this shouldn’t be stored online unless using a dedicated app such as a password manager.

Always make sure to update your desktop and mobile to ensure that the latest security features are installed.

Backing up your data is recommended in case of a data loss. Exporting your entire workspace can be done if you need to. 

Does Notion Steal Your Information?

Notion does not steal information! All data is securely stored on Notion servers with only Notion employees having access to your data as per the Terms and Conditions.

The only other parties that can access your workspace are users authorized by you.

That doesn’t mean unscrupulous characters aren’t trying to steal your data. However, thanks to Notion’s security and your own cautious behavior online, the risk is minimal.

Should I Be Concerned About Using Notion?

Notion has a lot of outstanding security features, a robust privacy policy, and highly trained staff.

You can have total confidence that when using Notion all your data is secure.

It’s still recommended you regularly back up your data and store sensitive info like passwords on dedicated apps, but Notion is perfectly safe to use.

Can Anyone See Your Notion?

A great feature of Notion is that you have total control over who has access. To start with only you can see your Notion workspace.

Choosing to share with teammates, clients, or the whole web is completely up to you!

Should I Use Notion To Take Notes?

Taking notes on Notion is a great idea. You can use the mobile app to record ideas on the go. There are numerous free templates to use for tasks including project management, to-do lists, and as a journal.

Thanks to these excellent features and well-respected security, Notion is excellent for note taking.

Is Notion safe? In short, yes! A high level of security, robust privacy policy, and well-trained workforce make Notion extremely safe to use.

Nothing in life is without risk. You should still be vigilant when it comes to keeping your data safe. Passwords, banking information, and other highly sensitive data should always be kept in secure locations.

To get the best out of using Notion remember to keep your own systems up to date at all times and only share pages with authorized users.

Provided you follow best practices you can securely use Notion and get the most out of this highly innovative productivity app.