Notion Capture: What Is It and How To Use It

Larry Snyder
Written By Larry Snyder

Larry Snyder is a home office expert with years of experience helping people set up and optimize their home work spaces.

Do you look at your bookmarks and see an endless list of pages you’ve favorited to read later?

Where do you even start when you’ve got so many webpages of interest! Perhaps you screenshot things of interest and have countless webpages to look through.

A simpler, quicker, and more effective way to store collections of content is by using Notion Capture. In a couple of clicks you can easily save any webpage and organize the content according to your needs. 

Using the Notion quick capture feature can be a huge time saver!

Notion Capture: What it is

Notion Capture is also known as Notion Web Clipper. This handy extension can be added to your browser allowing you to quickly save things from the internet straight to your Notion workspace.

Recipes, project ideas, or tips on decorating a home office can be saved in a couple of clicks!

The Notion Web Clipper is a flexible tool. Save a link to a page, the entire webpage, or a specific section of a page. The choice is yours!

Why Use Notion Capture?

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Notion is a flexible tool that can be used anywhere. Thanks to this flexibility Notion is a fantastic choice for use as an idea file.

When you see a page that inspires you, it can be saved in seconds to your Notion workspace.

The beauty of saving it in Notion is that you can revisit the page from any device that has Notion installed!

One awesome feature of using Notion is the ability to customize pages or easily create your own. You could even create your own Notion page dedicated to storing webpages for later use.

The beauty of blocks in Notion is they are versatile. Start by quickly saving the webpage using Notion Capture. 

Once you’ve done that you can revisit the block anytime and add more to it. The entire block can then be moved to a more relevant section of your Notion workspace. 

Add articles to reading lists, recipes to shopping lists, or a quick link to your dream vacation. All this and more can be done in a few clicks!

What Can You Do With Notion Web Clipper?

Notion Web Clipper provides an effortless way of capturing webpages. You can add them to databases you’ve created yourself or to any pre-made downloadable templates.

Saved pages are accessible from anywhere you can access Notion. One of Notion’s collaboration features is that content can be accessed by all users with access from any device that supports Notion. 

Mobile and desktop users will see the same saved content!

What Platforms Support Notion Capture?

The Notion Capture browser extension is available for desktops that use Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Notion Web Clipper is available for mobile devices compatible with both Android and iOS.

Installing Notion Capture

These instructions will cover installing Notion Capture on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and mobile.

Installing Notion Capture for Chrome

First, go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Notion Web Clipper extension.

The extension will be installed in a few seconds, and you can use it straight away! Look for the Notion icon in the right-hand corner of the browser. This is what you should see –

That’s it!

Installing Notion Web Clipper for Firefox or Safari

Go to the Notion Web Clipper page and hit Install for Firefox or Safari depending on which you use.

Now follow the on-screen instructions and the extension will be added to your browser.

Installing Notion Capture for Mobile

Android and iOS are both compatible with Notion Capture. To use the feature, start by downloading the Notion app to your mobile device.

The Notion app is available in the Play Store and the App Store.

Once Notion has been downloaded to your mobile device you can capture webpages instantly using the share button. 

Device syncing is a feature for Notion. This means everything you save on mobile is available on desktop and vice versa.

How To Use Notion Capture

Notion Capture is super easy to use. Here’s a guide to quick capture for desktop or mobile.

Notion Capture for Desktop

Once the Notion Web Clipper browser extension has been installed, you need to sign in to your Notion account on the first use.

Start by clicking the Notion icon on your browser. It should appear like this –

Once signed in go back to the webpage you want to save. Click on the Notion icon again and you will get a pop-up menu.

Begin by adding a title to the clipping. You can use the name of the webpage or enter your own. 

Now choose where the clip needs to be stored in your Notion workspace. You could set up a page on Notion to use as a quick list and then organize the saved clippings later. 

Alternatively, add clippings straight to the pages you wish to use them for. The choice is yours!

If you are a fan of a keyboard shortcut, then Notion has these in abundance! Open the extension using Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+K and complete the pop-up to save the webpage.

Built-in developer shortcuts can be used at every step of the way. Edit a blank block, style actual content, or create custom pages using these excellent keyboard shortcuts. In no time at all these will become familiar keyboard shortcuts to you!

Adding your own custom shortcut is not currently allowed on Notion. However, the list of existing keyboard shortcuts is so comprehensive that you should find one for almost every function you may need to perform.

Notion Capture for Mobile

Mobile users can use the Notion Web Clipper through the share feature on their mobile device.

Go to the webpage you want to save and click the share option. Pick Notion from the list of options you can share with and give the clipping a title.

The final step is to decide where to save the page to in Notion and that’s it!

How Do You Save With Notion?

Do you sometimes close a page before you’ve clicked on the save button? If you do, the good news is that Notion automatically saves everything you do as you do it!

It’s also a good idea to back up your data. You could download everything to a cloud storage solution or just back up essential pages.

Backing up your data can be done in a few clicks. Start by clicking on ‘Settings & Members’ found on the left-hand sidebar.

Next, click ‘Settings’ and scroll down to the button ‘Export all workplace content’. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to back up your data. Easy!

What Does Content Look Like in Notion Web Clipper and How Does It Work?

Text content like blog posts is often easier to read in Web Clipper. That’s because pop-ups, adverts, sidebars, and anything else are removed. You are left with a nice clear page showing the text and images of the post.

Notion Capture can be an awesome way to improve the reading experience of webpages that are cluttered. Simply save it to your workspace and enjoy a more comfortable reading experience!

Content saved on Notion can also be edited. Images can be made smaller or larger just by clicking and dragging.

The text of the post is now in block form. These fundamental building blocks of every Notion page are now yours to edit however you want. Change colors, move the order around, or add new heading blocks. 

All this and more can be done once the webpage has been saved in Notion.

You can still view the source for the webpage as a link will be included back to the original.

Videos can also be saved straight to your Notion workspace. The content can’t be edited but you can view the video, tag it, or add a comment and other properties.

How Do You Use Notion for Ideas?

Notion is wonderful for recording ideas due to its simplicity. Use Notion Web Clipper to save webpages that are inspiring to you.

Thousands of notes or various list formats work well on Notion. It might start with a thought prompted from browsing the web. Once you’ve created that initial page you can add more to it, customize it, and build a plan to develop the idea.

Choose from hundreds of action-oriented templates to craft pages that will push your ideas along.

Can Notion be Used for Note-taking?

Notion can absolutely be used for notetaking! The Quick Note template is set up to use when you first start using Notion. Free type, add links, and a to-do list forms part of the Quick Note template.

Examples of notes you could take using Notion include class notes, meeting notes, or a bullet list for things to do later.

However, there are lots of other note taking templates you could use! Search through the templates for other ideas or you could create your own.

Can You Use Notion Offline?

Although Notion can be used offline, it’s not optimized for offline access. The Notion team is working hard on improving this though!

To use Notion offline you must open the pages whilst still online. When you go back online later all the pages will be saved and the new data will sync across all devices that have Notion installed.

Notion Capture lets you easily and quickly save webpages that are of interest to you. Those inspiring ideas needn’t slip away any longer!

Simply save them to your Notion and refer to them at your leisure. 

All you need to do now is make time in your schedule to review all these ideas and notes. To help with this, why not look for a Notion template to help with planning. That way you can keep on top of everything!