Notion Grocery List Template: The Best of the Best

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Do you sometimes find when you go grocery shopping that you spend half your time wandering the aisles wondering what to buy?

Even worse, you get home and realize you’ve forgotten key ingredients for a dish you wanted to make!

How can you save time, money, and get everything you want? Simple. By making a grocery list! These Notion grocery list templates are ideal. You can use them solo or share them with housemates, meaning whoever does the shopping will never miss anything again!

Plus, you will only have to make one trip to the store as you got everything the first time.

Best Notion Grocery List Templates

Tired of forgetting key ingredients and having to run back to the store? Do you hate walking up and down aisles trying to remember what you need?

Perhaps you get home feeling pleased with yourself only to find out you didn’t need that extra pack of cookies after all! You already have a cupboard full (not judging anyone here!).

All you need to do is choose a Notion grocery list template from the list below. You will never forget anything again.

Shopping/Groceries List

Downloading the Shopping/Groceries List Manager will leave you wondering how you managed before!

No longer will you need to try and work out what you’ve written on a crumpled piece of paper. Instead, you can have a nice clean list that includes everything you need! As you progress through the store you can tick off items as you pick them up.

If you live in a shared house, then invite housemates to collaborate. That way whoever does the grocery shopping can get everything!

Shopping/Groceries List

The Happy Kitchen

The Happy Kitchen template allows you to do a full meal plan and grocery list. An exciting feature of this template is that the grocery list is generated automatically from the meals you add!

Not only do you save time when shopping, but making the list is faster too!

All you need to do is decide what you want to eat. The grocery list will update with the required ingredients once the meal is 3 days away. This means you don’t buy things too early and prevents waste.

The template comes with a pre-programmed database of recipes. You can make it your own though by adding all the meals you love to cook!

The Happy Kitchen

Grocery List

If you like clean and simple templates, then Grocery List might be the one for you. There are two parts to the list. One part is for meal planning that allows you to setup as many recipes as you like.

meal prep template

Next, you can use the Food Items part of the template to build your own grocery list. You will find many items already programmed into the template and can add as many more as you need!

food items template

Minimalist Grocery List

Getting organized doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Use the Minimalist Grocery List to create shopping lists easily and quickly.

Lists can be organized according to category and store. All lists can be shared with others and lists sync across all devices. That means everyone that needs access can be kept up to date with what is needed.

Minimalist Grocery List

Kitchen Manager

Kitchen Manager is epic for anyone wanting a high level of detail when creating a grocery list. The shopping list sits on the front page allowing you to see at a glance what you need. 

The cool thing is you can go into each individual item and add more info. Nutritional information, prices, and which store to buy the item from can all be included. As you complete your shopping you can tick each item off as you get it!

Kitchen Manager template

You will also get with this template a Meal Planning and Recipes section. Meal Planning can be used to choose which meals you want to eat and when. Recipes can be used to link to all those delicious recipes you want to try or that you regularly eat. 

Using these tools means you can keep your grocery list updated with everything you need!

If you have nutritional goals that you want to achieve, this template is a great choice. Database entries include nutritional information for each item. This allows you to track items you are eating and make sure you hit your biggest goals!

Meal Planner

Adding the Meal Planner template to your workspace is a great way to simplify both meal planning and grocery shopping. Use this meal plan template to do an entire meal plan!

Use the Meals section to list meals you want to eat and on what day. Ingredients linked to each meal will then be added to your grocery list automatically!

Meal Planner template

Going to the Shopping List will reveal everything that is needed that week for every meal. The best bit is you haven’t had to spend time writing this list. It’s all done for you!

Shopping list template

The front page of the Meal Planner template will give you an overview of the current week. Use this to quickly see what you’ve planned to eat and on what day. Plus, it will show ingredients needed for each day.

Meal Planner template

Recipe & Shopping List Manager

The Recipe & Shopping List Manager lets you create grocery lists based on your favorite meals. Meals can be put into categories including Favorite, To Try, and Mains.

Recipe & Shopping List Manager template

You simply select what you want to make and your grocery list will be automatically populated. Remember to check for ingredients you already have and mark them off on the list.

Add as many of your own recipes as you like including custom ingredient lists for those of you that like to mix things up a bit!

How do I make a grocery list on Notion?

Making a grocery list on Notion is super easy. Start by downloading the template you want to use. Lists do sync across devices and can be shared which is awesome if you share the responsibility of grocery shopping with others.

Now you’ve got your template ready you can fill it in. Depending on which template you’ve chosen you’ve got some great options here.

Templates that include meal planning let you add the meals you want to eat and automatically populate the grocery list for you!

If you’ve picked a simple grocery list template, then just add everything you want to buy to the list. Just tick them off as you buy them.

Shopping with a list is well known to help save money. Provided you only buy what’s on the list, then you can cut your spending!

Why You Should Use Notion For Grocery List Templates

Notion is a fantastic tool for all project types. You can use Notion for taking different types of notes, project development, goal tracking, and to track expenses.

Another fantastic way to use Notion is the option to create a list for items. This includes making lists for grocery shopping. Whether you need an advanced grocery list or a basic task list, you will find what you need on Notion!

Linking a grocery list template to a database for recipes makes the process of creating a list fast! Choose your weekly meals and grocery list generation is automated. Now your grocery list will update across devices.

If you use the Notion web-clipper tool, then in a click you can add any recipe to your reading list! Your meals database or recipes database will update to show the new recipe. Now when selecting from the meal types you will see any that you’ve added to your personalized database.

How do I download Notion templates?

Downloading Notion templates is ridiculously easy. Start by going to the template you want to download. For any of the grocery list templates above just click on the handy link!

All you need to do now is click on ‘Duplicate’ in the top right-hand corner of the page.

That’s it! Now the template will be added to your Notion Workspace. The process takes a 

few seconds and you can use the template straight away!

Now you know how easy it is to use a Notion grocery list template, what are you waiting for?

Download your preferred template now to start dazzling your friends and family by never forgetting anything again! No repeat trips to the store or needing that one thing for meal time.

Now you will be organized, have more time, and save some money too! Suitable productivity tools can be hard to find. Notion ticks all the boxes for meal planners and grocery list managers.

Happy meal planning!