Notion Mac App: A Quick Guide

Larry Snyder
Written By Larry Snyder

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Every website seems to have an app version available. How can you decide if it’s worth downloading?

Spending time downloading the app, figuring out where everything is that you want to use, and taking up more desktop space can be an inconvenience!

Introducing the Notion Mac app. Not only is this app quick to download, but the workspace is exactly the same as the web version. That means you can work effortlessly no matter which version of Notion you are using! Here’s the full rundown.

Is There a Mac App for Notion?

Great news! There is a Mac app for Notion. Downloading the app to your Mac is super simple.

Start by going to Notion, then click the link ‘Download for Mac’.

Next, you have two options to choose from. Macs with Intel processors or Macs with Apple M1. To find out which processor your device uses, click the Apple icon in the top bar. The following menu will show your processor type.

Now you can open your Finder and head to Downloads. Open the .dmg file and drag Notion into your Applications folder.

The final step is to open the Notion app and log in. That’s it, you are good to go!

What Is Notion for Mac?

Notion for Mac works the same way as Notion for Web or the Notion Windows app. Create an all-in-one workspace for you or an entire team.

Use all the tools available to create an accessible workspace that drives productivity.

Notion can be used as an app for notes, end-to-end project management, or as an organizer for all aspects of your life.

Key features include collaboration tools that make team working much easier. The beauty of blocks is they can be customized and organized according to the project needs. Each individual block can have files embedded such as links to web pages or videos.

Notion for Mac also allows offline editing if you open the pages you want to work on before going offline.

These are just the highlights. Notion is packed with advanced features that run on Mac the same as everywhere else Notion can be used. This makes Notion a fantastic platform for collaboration as all users get access to the same features.

Is Notion Free for Mac?

Notion for Mac is completely free! Follow the link to download it and you can use the Notion app immediately. No payment details are required!

All other versions of Notion are free too. Head to the Apple store to download Notion for iOS or if you have an Android device, the Notion app is available on the Play Store.

How Long Is the Notion Trial?

Notion is free to use forever! That’s for all users of the Personal plan.

If you need a Team plan that allows unlimited team members, then you can begin the Team plan on a trial basis. The free trial has a maximum block count of 1,000. When the limit is reached, you can upgrade to the team plan full-time.

If you choose not to upgrade, you can still work on the blocks you’ve created, but can’t add another individual block.

How To Update Notion for Mac

Man Using Macbook

Notion for Mac doesn’t include an option to install updates. This means when Notion updates are available, your Notion app won’t automatically update.

To be sure you are running the latest version of Notion for Mac you need to uninstall the app completely. Now download the app again, and the most up-to-date version of Notion will be installed.

Making sure the latest Notion for Mac is always installed is worthwhile. Notion updates enhance stability, ensures security, and that all the latest key features are included.

How To Share Notion Links That Open Directly in the App

Notion is web-based which means when you click a link it will open a new browser tab every single time. Opening the links directly in the app can save time and means fewer tabs open at once!

Setting a link to open directly in the app is straightforward.

At the start of the URL replace ‘HTTPS://’ with ‘Notion://’ – now the shared link will open in the Notion app every time!

All you’ve done is create your own Notion URLs and saved yourself heaps of time.

Notion for Mac: App vs Browser

Accessing Notion in a compatible browser or via the Notion app makes little difference to your user experience.

That’s because all the key features are included on all versions of Notion. 

Ultimately, which way you access Notion is up to your personal preference. 

Many users like the Notion Mac app as it’s a clean, distraction-free interface. No tempting browser tabs to click on can help improve you and your team’s workflow.

Users of Notion Web Clipper often prefer working in the browser. The reason for this is the clipping opens a new browser tab straight away. Much quicker than waiting for the app to catch up.

Notion for web and the app have one thing in common. To work offline you must open the pages before disconnecting. When you go back online any work you’ve done will sync up with your Notion workspace.

Does Notion Sync Automatically?

Notion automatically syncs across all devices you install it on. Whether you are on the web, mobile, or the desktop app your workspace will be exactly the same on all of them.

Workspaces are continually backed up on Notion’s servers which means changes are updated within seconds. You may start work on your iPad, put it down, and open Notion on your iMac. The work you started on the iPad will be there waiting for you!

The best part is you don’t have to do anything! Syncing across a secondary device or more will happen automatically.

How Do I Make a Notion Schedule?

The easiest way to make a schedule on Notion is to integrate your Google calendar. 

Start by going to Google Calendar and find the calendar you want to link. You will see this under ‘My Calendars’ on the left-hand side.

Next, hover over the three-dot menu icon and click ‘Settings and Sharing’.

Scroll down and tick the box marked ‘Make Available to Public’. Copy the URL from the box called ‘Public URL to this Calendar’.

Once you’ve copied the calendar URL you can embed it into Notion. Open the Notion page you want the Google Calendar to appear on.

Type into an empty block ‘/embed’ and click Embed when it pops up. A popup box will be displayed, paste the calendar URL here.

One you’ve completed these steps your Google calendar can be viewed in Notion. Updates must be made in Google itself, but this will sync to Notion.

Follow the same steps should you wish to embed anything else on a Notion page from Google Docs or other sources.

The Notion Mac app can be installed in moments. Users can enjoy a seamless experience as the app includes all the Notion features you will find on mobile and the web.

Data will sync across devices making this productivity app a popular choice. Students, businesses, or individuals can all benefit from the vast array of creative tools allowing you to take detailed notes, create lists, and build a unified workspace for an entire team.

If you are a Mac user, you simply need to download the Notion mac app. You can log in with your email address and start working straight away!