14 Best Notion Templates for Students

Larry Snyder
Written By Larry Snyder

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It can be hard to stay on top of the plethora of daily tasks, assignment deadlines, exams, etc. that form part of college life.

When you’re juggling several papers, tests, projects, presentations, and more, it can be tough to remember everything that you need to do to get them finished on time.

The good news is that Notion templates can help solve these issues. 

You can choose from a suite of free student templates to help you manage all your academic tasks. Create a template for each of your assignments and keep track of all the tasks you need to finish to complete it.

Best Notion Templates for Students

To help you get started, we’ve compiled this list of the 14 best notion templates for students.

Campus Life Organizer

Campus Life Organizer is an awesome template for keeping track of all aspects of student life. Use the weekly time blocking and planner blocks to plan your study schedule, when classes are, and how you want to use the rest of your time each day.

Keep track of your finances using the budget tracker and make sure you are building good habits by using the habit tracker.

Other useful sections on this template include goals, networking, job applications, and what to bring to campus! This template is fantastic as an all-in-one personal planning dashboard.

Course Plan

Map out every semester using the Course Plan template. Tick off each class as they are completed. This class tracker is awesome for keeping on top of what classes you need to prepare for and when. 

You can see at a glance all the classes you have taken in the past. A handy tool that will help you stay up to date with your course progress!

Research Project

Research Project is the perfect template for tracking research, freelance work, or other projects. Features include the ability to add references, notes from meetings, and quick notes.

Any data collated on this template can be copied to other research platforms. Even math’s equations can be stored easily on Research Project!

Reading List

Reading is a huge part of studying. Textbooks, online content, and material provided by the professor are just a few of the things you will be reading.

Thanks to Reading List you can curate a list of everything you need to read. What’s awesome about this student template is that you can list more than books! Videos, blog posts, podcasts, and Twitter threads can all be listed here to read anytime.

If you use the Notion web clipper, then the content is at your fingertips anytime you want to read it! Just go to Reading List on your Notion workspace and it’s all there for you.

Spaced Repetition

To boost learning some students use Spaced Repetition. This is a learning method that involves reviewing study material at set intervals. The idea is that the brain will learn the material better by studying the information repeatedly. 

Please note, it’s not about the total hours spent studying. It’s about repetitive studying at intervals that suit your learning needs.

Aesthetically Pleasing Zen Student Dashboard

The Aesthetically Pleasing Zen Student Dashboard packs in a lot of features. The home page has a weather widget, a relaxing picture, and a link to Spotify! 

Like all Notion pages, you can customize these options to suit you. 

You can use the quick tasks block to list those things that need doing now. Remember to tick them off once completed!

More detailed planning can be done using the tabs under the navigation header. Weekview is a built-in calendar that shows you a week at a time. 

University gives you room to track each class. There is space to add deadlines, due dates, and a grade calculator. Library is a handy tool for listing all the books you have read or want to read. Plus, there is plenty of room to add notes including reference links.

Extras provide space to track anything else. The creator has added an expenses tracker, wardrobe, and products. You can change these to other topics if you wish!

Roommate Space

Sharing with roommates is an essential part of the college experience. However, conflicts can arise when one roommate isn’t doing their fair share of household tasks or paying their part of the expenses.

Roommate Space is the perfect template to help navigate these potential issues. Use it for expenses, chores, and house rules. That way there is no miscommunication, and everyone knows what is expected!

Class Notes

The Class Notes template is fantastic for recording notes from every class. Notes can be organized by course title and number. Each note is dated automatically when it’s created. Simply tick off each note once you’ve reviewed it!

Add notes, images, bookmarks, videos, and anything else you need to review. 

Job Applications

Thanks to Job Applications you can track all applications you’ve made including for any internships.

Applications can be tracked at every stage of the process. There is ample space to include the position applied for and what stage of the application you are currently at.

This template has room to store a cover letter and resume. Just make sure they are always up to date before submitting them!

Student Resume

The Student Resume template has been put together to allow you to create a digital profile and resume.

First, there is a resume header that allows you constant access to your resume in digital form or to download anytime as a PDF. Other headers included for added convenience allow you to book meetings, send an email, or add a link to your reading list.

Underneath these headers are a list of sections that you can use as your digital profile. Who Am I gives you space to make a list summarizing your character.

Personality/Workstyle is to add your results if you do the Workstyle test with the link included as part of the template. Professional Ethos is to add your personal statement about who you are and how you approach work.

Add your social media links under Social Footprint for access to all your social profiles with one click. Other topics included are Interests, Quotes, and Hard Knocks University.

The final link is for Notion resources which is a great way to refer back to any other pages you want to use.

All this data can be used to keep your resume up to date. Don’t forget that every block is customizable. You can even change these categories or add more if you want to!

Grade Calculator

Keeping track of your grades is the best way to know that you will pass! Grade Calculator does all the hard work for you. All the necessary formulas are included in the template which allows you to monitor your progress.

Plan for each semester by knowing exactly how much each assignment, exam, and project contributes to your final grade.

Remember to record your grades as you get them. That way you can see at a glance any areas of concern that you may need to put more work into!

Finance – Budgeting

A good budget tracker is essential to help avoid financial issues. Use this Finance – Budgeting template for tracking all expenditures.

The template has room for expenses, debts, and extra expenses. There is a cash flow calendar that lets you see at a glance when money is coming in or going out.

What Are the Benefits of Using Notion Templates?

Notion templates are fantastic as they allow you to easily track all aspects of student life in one place.

Reading lists, class notes, and job applications can all be kept in your workspace. Each item has space for links to take you directly to any material you need to view online.

All templates can be customized to suit you. Not only can you add blocks to list whatever you need, but you can add a custom cover image to suit your style.

These templates aren’t just to help you study. They can be used for everyday life too! Use it as a birthday tracker, a budget tracker, or make a curated list of your favorite songs!

Notion is the ultimate productivity app as you can manage all projects in one place. Use the calendars for planning dedicated study time, break times, and to keep track of assignment deadlines.

As Notion has a mobile app you can use all these awesome templates straight on your smartphone and they will sync across devices. This is fantastic for making quick notes in class. Plus, these templates are all free!

Now that you know the 14 best Notion templates for students, we hope you can use them to enhance your college experience!

Use the links above to download each one to your Notion workspace. That’s all you need to do, and you can start using them straight away!