Notion vs Evernote

Larry Snyder
Written By Larry Snyder

Larry Snyder is a home office expert with years of experience helping people set up and optimize their home work spaces.

Productivity apps are abundant. There are so many to choose from and they all boast essential features that you can’t live without. Two of the best-known productivity apps right now are Notion and Evernote.

You’ve probably used both to some extent and are trying to decide which app to use long-term.

Note-taking capabilities, a collaborative workspace, and advanced features are the future of productivity apps.

The good news is that the future is now. Notion and Evernote offer features that both the casual user and advanced users can benefit from. Now to answer the big question, Notion vs Evernote, here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Notion?

Notion is a productivity tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Notably for note-taking, project management, and task management. Individuals, teams, and large businesses can all use Notion to boost productivity, efficiency, and collaboration.

Notion’s Biggest Advantage

Notion is packed with tons of features that make it one of the top all-in-one productivity tools. You can use Notion on any device, data syncs across all devices, and the Notion web clipper makes saving notes effortless in just one click.

Arguably Notion’s biggest advantage is how easy it makes collaborative working. Data is synced in real-time which means team members located worldwide can work together without missing updates. 

a Notion template

Permissions can be set for each team member allowing or restricting access accordingly. Notion is fantastic for teams of all sizes seeking a collaborative productivity tool.

Notion’s Biggest Flaw

Probably the biggest flaw Notion users face is when working offline. You can only work offline if you’ve preloaded the pages you want to work on. 

Also, once Notion is back online all data should sync automatically, but occasionally this doesn’t happen, and you have to reload the work you’ve already completed.

What Is Evernote?

Evernote is primarily a note-taking, task management, and archiving app. Users can create notes in the app, which can be in the form of text, drawings, images, audio, or web clippings.

Evernote’s Biggest Advantage

Evernote has lots of great features. One of Evernote’s biggest advantages is that the software allows you to save full websites or website extracts in addition to multimedia notes.

Evernote’s Biggest Flaw

One of Evernote’s biggest flaws is the lack of real-time collaboration. Notes can be shared with anyone, but if two users make changes at the same time, then two notes are created! This is a huge drawback as each user has to wait for a response before they make another change.

Notion VS Evernote: Price

Notion allows users to choose from four different pricing plans. These plans cater to different needs such as multiple users, unlimited file uploads, and enhanced security features. Business plans can be priced by contacting Notion to get a quote for the Enterprise plan.

Notion's pricing

Evernote gives users the choice of four subscription plans. Each plan provides more features and importantly extra storage space. Users that need a larger file upload limit will need to pay for a premium plan. If you only need a small amount of storage, then the free plan may be adequate for your needs.

Evernote pricing

Notion VS Evernote: Features Compared

Notion and Evernote are two productivity tools that bring a lot to the table. If you seek an all-in-one workspace, then Notion aspires to be that one-stop shop that many users are looking for. On the other hand, Evernote prides itself on being an outstanding organizational note-taking tool that allows users to keep all their files neatly organized in one location.

To help you decide between the two here’s a breakdown of the key features.


If you are a template enthusiast, then Notion is a template paradise. Templates exist for almost every category you can think of. Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and Student are just a few of the template categories you can browse.

Can’t find a template to suit your needs?

That’s no problem for Notion users. You can easily make your own custom template. Not only can you craft your own templates, but you can share them with the world. That way others can benefit from your template.


Keeping organized using Notion is made easier thanks to a system of boards. Kanban boards are a popular way of organizing and tracking projects that many users choose Notion for.

Collaborative Working

One of Notion’s most powerful features is the ability to work on a project in real-time with other team members. Team members can be given access to a full workspace or just relevant pages. Any work completed updates in real-time and syncs across all devices.

Web Clipper

Evernote offers a powerful web clipper that clips only the content you wish to save. Those screenshots will not show ads or other unnecessary content.


No matter how well you organize your notes, there will be a time you just can’t find the one you need. Thanks to Evernote’s dynamic search function, you can enter a phrase or word and effortlessly find the note you are looking for.

Notion does have a search function, but it’s not quite as powerful as Evernote. You can type in the keywords you are looking for and sort through the results to find what you are looking for.

Scan Documents

An actual feature of Evernote is the built-in scanner feature. This gives you the ability to scan any document and save it as a note. That way you can access these items anytime from anywhere.

Note Dictation

Typing or writing notes can be time-consuming. It can also mean you lose track of a conversation or thought.

Evernote has a solution to that potential problem. Audio notes. Simply start recording and everything you say will be recorded. You can then read and edit the note later to cut out any unnecessary words.


When it comes to storage space, Notion far exceeds what Evernote has to offer. Notion plans do not have a storage limit (except for team plan trials). There are file upload limits for the Personal plan (free), but if you upgrade to any of the paid plans then these limits disappear.

Evernote has a storage limit for their basic plan which to increase will mean opting for one of the higher-cost plans. 

Automation/Third-Party Integration

Integration is one way that many users boost productivity. Not having to constantly switch between apps is also a much easier way to work.

Automation and third-party integration are one area where Evernote is superior to Notion.

Currently, Notion can’t integrate directly with tools like Gmail, MS Outlook, and Zoom. Automation tools like Zapier or Automate can be used to integrate many tools, but this adds another layer of complexity that not all Notion users are comfortable with.

Evernote can be easily integrated with most tools including Google Drive, Slack, Salesforce, and Outlook. That makes Evernote the superior choice for users seeking an app that can be seamlessly used alongside other tools.

Using Both Notion and Evernote Effectively

Notion and Evernote are two fantastic productivity tools that can make anyone’s life easier. One way to use them effectively is to use both apps according to their strengths. If you need a cross-platform note-taking application, then Notion and Evernote tick that box. 

Notion is an amazing all-in-one workspace that is fantastic for collaborative working, file management, note-taking, and total project management. 

Evernote is a superb note-taking app that allows you to make simple notes or detailed notes including images or other media. Notes can be shared with other users. Plus, Evernote’s search function is incredible allowing you to always find the note that you need.

Evernote task

Using both Notion and Evernote according to their strengths is the best way to get the most out of these tools.

Is Notion Good For Note-taking?

Notion is a wonderful note-taking tool. Individual notes, project notes, meeting notes, or a quick note can all be added to your own note-taking space on Notion.

Notes can be organized however you like, shared with anyone you need to, and be as detailed as needed. Every note is its own card that is fully customizable and can have other media embedded like images, links, and other notes.

Which is More Secure: Evernote or Notion?

Notion and Evernote both take security seriously and have robust privacy policies. Evernote uses TLS security for its data centers and because Evernote uses cloud-based storage services its data has additional AES-256 encryption. 

Notion users can be confident their data is encrypted at rest and in transit. However, Notion does not provide end-to-end encryption. Notion employees are not prevented from accessing your data either should they try to. 

As Notion uses Amazon Web Services within a VPN, the public cannot access Notion data. Additionally, Notion also uses TLS within the data centers to provide further protection.

The big question, which is more secure: Evernote or Notion?

Evernote is more secure as Notion has a couple of situations that leave the door open for data to be taken. Once Notion restricts employee access and builds in end-to-end encryption, then the risk of a data loss will be comparable to Evernote.

Can You Transfer Evernote to Notion?

Yes! You can transfer your Evernote workbook to Notion if you want to. Here’s how.

  • Go to your Notion workspace and select ‘Import’ from the sidebar
  • From the popup window, select Evernote
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the transfer from Evernote to Notion
  • You can also select individual notebooks to transfer, or simply transfer everything

That’s it! In four simple steps, you’ve successfully transferred any notes that you want to from your Evernote to your Notion workspace.

Does Notion Sync With Evernote?

Notion doesn’t automatically sync with Evernote as the apps can’t be directly integrated. However, it’s still possible to get your Evernote data onto Notion when you need to.

That leaves you with two options. 

Option 1 is to manually import notes from Evernote as required.

Option 2 involves using an automation tool like Zapier. Connecting Evernote and Notion using this automation tool allows you to implement certain rules. One rule you can use is that anytime a new note is created in Evernote that it’s automatically added to Notion as a database item.

What Would Evernote Use Cases Look Like in Notion?

Power users of Evernote may be struggling to imagine using Notion or any other productivity apps. That’s understandable. Once you get used to using a sophisticated note-taking app it’s hard to break free. 

Productivity enthusiasts are excited to introduce new users to Notion. That’s because user reviews for the productivity software ecosystem are often positive. To help you visualize using a different project management tool, here are some Evernote use cases in Notion.

Your Own Reference Library

You’ve probably filled your Evernote with thousands of notes. Thanks to Evernote’s excellent search features, those anchor notes are easy to find. However, building an equivalent personal information management system in Notion comes with extra advantages.

Notes can be organized however you like, and all blocks can be customized. That means you don’t have to switch between notes. You can view a simple note or more complex notes right on the screen.

All those ideas, quotes, and other pieces of information that you save daily are now at your fingertips.

Building A Swipe File

Marketers will tell you that one of the most important tools in their kit is a good swipe file. You can build a swipe file in Evernote, but you will find that you have notes within notes, and you lose the ease of use that makes apps like Evernote boost efficiency. 

Sure, Evernote’s search features are terrific, but sometimes you need to be able to immediately locate the file you need. 

Building a swipe file in Notion is a much simpler way to retrieve information fast. By using tags, sub-pages, and favorite views you can have everything organized in a manner that lets you find what you need instantly.

Time Management

Why do we use productivity apps? Most of us are trying to save time by becoming more efficient, organized, and sharing data with others easily.

Evernote is a dedicated note-taking app. Yet, if you want database management, collaboration features, and team workspaces you need to use other productivity tools like Notion.

Thanks to Notion’s board system, real-time syncing, and team management capabilities, you can manage projects big and small in a single workspace.

That makes Notion the more powerful tool for anyone wishing to improve to-do management. Plus, time saved on one project frees up time to be put to good use elsewhere.

Who Are Evernote and Notion’s New Competitors?

Evernote and Notion are facing increasing competition. The productivity space is booming, largely fueled by record numbers of people working from home. That explosion in home-working means people are looking for innovative solutions to make work easier. 

Whether you need a note-taking application, an all-in-one productivity tool, or all the above, there is an app out there for you. 

Evernote and Notion competitors include:

These are a few of the biggest competitors right now. Every day a new app is launched that could become a big rival to Evernote and Notion.

Should I Move from Evernote to Notion?

Notion beats Evernote in pretty much every area that matters. Price, functionality, customization options, and collaboration are all features that Notion gets right.

On balance, most people will benefit by moving from Evernote to Notion. That being said. If you only need a note-taking tool, Evernote could be perfect for you.

Now that you know all the important stuff about Notion vs Evernote, which one will you choose?

Evernote is ideal for anyone wanting to make thorough notes. Notion has the upper hand when it comes to team management, templates for users, and unlimited storage.

To get started go to Notion now and try out the free plan. You can always upgrade anytime in the future if you decide Notion is the right platform for you.