6 Best Workplace Gadgets for Happier, Healthier Older Employees

Larry Snyder
Written By Larry Snyder

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The Great Resignation saw resignation rates reach an all-time high of 3% in 2021, and over 50.5 million people in the US quit their jobs in 2023.

Older workers are a skilled portion of the workforce, but many are opting for early retirement and leaving the workforce much earlier than they once did. 

To retain these highly experienced, skilled workers, companies need to do more to make their work life more comfortable and enjoyable. 

In this guide, we’ve asked six experts to share the best workplace gadgets to help older workers feel happier and healthier in the office.

Logitech MX Master 3S Wireless Performance Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3S office gadget

Conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) are rife in the US. Around 4.3 million workers suffer from wrist pain associated with CTS. 

Older workers will be much more comfortable at their desks with an ergonomic mouse that gives them a more natural wrist and finger position. 

“The Logitech MXM has a unique design that makes it much more comfortable to use. We’ve noticed more and more workers opting for ergonomic technology, but it’s especially important for older workers.” – Maria-Diandra Opre from EarthWeb

As well as being ergonomic, the Logitech MXM has FLOW cross-computer control, which lets you work seamlessly across multiple computers or laptops. Great for transferring text, images, and files between Windows and macOS. 

John the Ripper

Password Security, John the Ripper tool

Cyber safety is a huge priority for any company, and this software can help older workers feel more secure when using new software and tools. 

John the Ripper is a password management and evaluation software that can help strengthen passwords and minimize risk. 

“The Ripper tool checks for ciphers and encrypted log-ins and alerts you to passwords that may be weak or ineffective over a set period. It works best with Windows products, and it’s great for all employees to have.” –  Matt Cranfield from Your Simple Hosting

There are some great cybersecurity tools out there that can help older workers feel safer and more supported in an ever-changing technology space. And no matter the age of workers, cybersecurity tools can benefit everyone. 

This is a great opportunity to talk to your staff and figure out what safeguards would make them feel better about changes in technology or software you might be implementing. 

Cubii JR1 Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Cubii JR1 Under Desk Elliptical Machine office gadget

Sitting is the new smoking, so it’s important for workers to remain active during the day. Unfortunately, the average office worker sits at their desk for about over 1,300 hours a year. 

Keeping active and avoiding back pain and strain injuries is important for older workers, which is why the Cubii desk elliptical machine is so great. 

“Elliptical machines are hugely popular on Amazon, with the Cubii Jr version having over 15,000 reviews.” – Tom Paddock from Learn Retail Arbitrage

Walking desks are a large commitment, and many workers struggle to transition from sitting all day to long periods of standing. But an elliptical machine means you can keep fit while sitting at your desk. 

Designed with ergonomic features, it sits neatly under a desk and has minimal impact on joints, perfect for older workers looking to keep fit in the office. 

eMeet Meeting Capsule

EMEET Meeting Capsule 360° Conference Camera office gadget

It’s essential that older workers feel seen and heard in the office. When workers begin to feel undervalued, they are far more likely to take that early retirement or find an office that values their expertise more. 

The eMeet Capsule is a great office gadget for ensuring everyone has their voice heard. It’s a conference camera with a 360° webcam that turns to face the person speaking. It also has eight microphones to capture everyone’s voice and high-def speakers to make it easy to hear everyone clearly. 

“The AI-powered autofocus of the eMeet Meeting Capsule is super effective at monitoring who’s talking, and the speakers make it feel like everyone is in the room, even if you have remote team members.” – Doug Stevenson from BlinqBlinq


MONITORMATE ProBASE X USB 3.0 Monitor Stand office gadget

It doesn’t matter how high quality your monitor is; if it’s in the wrong position on your desk, it’ll cause back and neck pain. 

The MONITORMATE is stylish and functional, allowing workers to have an ideal viewing level. 

“The ProBASE X comes with USB charging points, an ethernet port, a built-in SD card reader, and a storage drawer. It gives all the functionality you need in one sleek, ergonomic stand.” – John Mike from TechProfet

Creating a stylish, functional work environment is great for keeping older workers happier, and the ergonomic design of the ProBASE means you’ll also help reduce neck and back pain. 

Samsung 49-Inch CRG9 Curved Monitor

Samsung 49-Inch CRG9 Curved Monitor

Who doesn’t love a lot of real estate from their computer screen? A curved monitor gives an ideal viewing experience, combining the functionality of dual displays without the disruption of the split of two monitors. 

“The curved, 49-inch screen conveniently fits in less horizontal space than a comparable flat screen and gives a high-resolution, enjoyable viewing experience.” – Oliver Dale from Beanstalk

If you’re an older worker who suffers from eye strain or sight problems, the high-def screen makes working long hours much less strenuous. The CRG9 also has great options for in-depth color correction and adjustments for video and photo editing, which is great if you work in advertising or marketing. 

Create a Healthier, Happier Workplace

Older woman working int he office in front of the laptop

Creating a more enjoyable, healthier office environment for older workers doesn’t have to cost thousands or involve a huge refurbishment. By including just a couple of these gadgets in your office, you can improve comfort, boost productivity, and have a more enjoyable work day. 

If you’re planning on investing in gadgets for your older workers, start with the ones that improve health. Focus on ergonomic designs, and ask your staff what would help them have a more enjoyable experience while in the office.

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