15 Best Notion Templates for Personal Productivity

Larry Snyder
Written By Larry Snyder

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Notion is a powerful productivity tool with an abundance of excellent features. Yet, you may be finding it difficult to get things organized exactly how you like. It can be time-consuming figuring out exactly which templates to use to suit your needs.

You likely don’t fancy the idea of spending hours looking through templates!

The good news is that this article can save you that time. In this guide, we will cover the 15 best Notion templates for personal productivity.

How Do Notion Templates Work?

Thanks to a wide-choice of templates offered by Notion or created by Notion users, fully managing your personal or professional life is made simpler.

Keeping track of tasks, managing your entire freelance business, or tracking your travel plans are just a few examples of templates that may help you boost your own productivity.

You can either use a pre-made master template or create your own perfect template.

The neat thing about Notion is that like other modular productivity apps it uses customizable templates. You can amend any basic template in your workspace to suit you!

Best Notion Templates

To help you get started on Notion, here are 15 easy-to-use templates that will help boost your personal productivity.

Kanban Roadmap

The Kanban Roadmap template is fantastic for helping to organize that never-ending to-do list. Created in the style of a Kanban board you can easily arrange tasks to keep on top of all projects.

The template uses a pre-filled project plan, but you can add or remove blocks as you wish to suit your project.

Kanban Roadmap

Life Wiki

Make organizing your life effortless by downloading the Life Wiki template. The template has a simple to-do list covering each day of the week plus the weekend. There is room to add as many tasks to each day as needed!

Not only can you keep track of the week ahead, but you can make lists covering writing, planning, and growth.

You could even use Life Wiki to plan outfits for each day!

Task List

Task List is a neatly designed template that allows you to track daily tasks. Use this is as an assignment tracker, list tracker, or any other work project.

Each task can include the due date, priority, and be assigned either to you or to another team member.

Task List

Weekly Agenda

The Weekly Agenda template is an awesome planner to use for mapping out weekly schedules. There is ample space to write a task list for each day of the week.

Weekly Agenda

Not only can you plan your tasks for the week ahead, but the creator has also included some other cool extras.

There is a habit tracker to use for tracking things such as how often you drink water, work out, or practice mindfulness. Other topics you can track include weekly reflection, productivity, and emotion.

Feel free to track any topics you can think of! The Weekly Agenda template has room to add your own.

Financial Tracker

Do you struggle with sticking to a budget? If so, tracking your spending is a recommended way to start managing your finances better.

The Financial Tracker template is a no-nonsense way of tracking your spending. Track each transaction and before you know it you will better understand your financial habits!

Financial Tracker

Once you can see where your money is going every month you will find it much easier to identify any problematic spending.

Balance OS

Balance OS offers a package that can be used to manage every aspect of your life. A custom dashboard gives you an overview of your current tasks, calendar, habits, goals, and current projects.

Balance OS template

Other templates included are a habit tracker, a current view to track current projects, and a template for looking back at previous wins.

Not only that but there is the GTD (Getting Things Done), PARA methods, and goal setting templates too!

Don’t worry about not knowing how to use these templates. The creator has added lots of tutorials to teach you how to use these amazing tools.

Habit Tracker

According to a scientific study conducted in 2009, it may take an average of 66 days to form a habit. Some habits are easier to form than others of course!

An awesome way to help yourself build good daily habits is to track them. Download the Habit Tracker for Notion and start a track of habits.

Running, meditation, or a good night’s sleep are suggestions of things to track. You can change these suggestions to start tracking any activity you want.

Habit Tracker

Project X

Project X can help users maximize their potential by being better organized.

Templates included with Project X help with goal setting, tracking habits, journaling, and a vision board.

These incredibly helpful tools allow you to build a plan. Once you’ve built that plan you can easily track your progress and reflect on how things are going.

Project X template

All-in-One Personal Planning Dashboard

The All-in-One Personal Planning Dashboard helps you run your dream business, track your personal schedule, and more!

Use the Kanban board for planning and tracking projects. The idea and journal tracker are useful for remembering those amazing 3 am ideas!

Trying to build good habits? No problem – use the habit tracker to track your progress.

These are the highlights of this excellent dashboard. There is much more including a reading list which means you can manage all areas of your life.

Personal Planner

Personal Planner is a straightforward template that lets you plan out your month. Each month allows you to add tasks either in daily or weekly sections.

You can also add your plans for the month ahead and reflect on how the previous month went.

Personal Planner

Notion Grocery List

Going shopping with a paper list is a thing of the past! These days you need a digital shopping list. Notion Grocery List not only means you’ve got a digital shopping list you can’t lose, but you can add a note to it through the week!

Once you’ve planned your meals just create your grocery list here.

Minimalistic Dashboard

The Minimal Dashboard template is a fascinating set of uncomplicated templates. Categories covered include work, life, personal, and notes.

Managing finances, tracking projects, and setting life goals are a few of the things you can do with these carefully crafted templates.

Minimalistic Dashboard

Book Tracking Template

In 2019, the US book industry was worth more than a staggering $25 billion! Keeping track of books that you’ve read or want to read is extremely simple.

Book lovers can download this Book Tracking Template for a reading list at your fingertips.

Book Tracking Template

Body Follow-Up

Do you want to lose weight, be more active, or improve your diet? Using the Body Follow-Up template helps you plan these goals, manage them, and take that all-important first step!

No matter what your physical goals are, you will have a much better chance of achieving them by using this template.

Body Follow-Up


Everyone needs some adventure in their life and traveling is one of the best ways to do this. Travelo is a template that is fantastic for travel planning. Use these templates to plan every aspect of any trip.

Expenses, documents, and beginning-to-end trip management are all covered by the Travelo templates.

travel planning template

How To Add Notion Templates

Notion has built-in templates already in your workspace. Adding another template to your Notion workspace is remarkably easy.

First, find the template you want to use in the template gallery. Popular templates can be found on Notion under the ‘Templates’ header. Look for this on the toolbar situated on the left-hand side.

Now all you need to do is click ‘Use this template’. Notion will add the template to your workspace. Easy!

Alternatively, you can find many awesome templates by searching Google. The 15 listed above are all amazing for helping with personal productivity.

To add these to your Notion workspace simply click on the download link provided to go to the template. On the page, click the ‘Duplicate’ option found in the top right-hand corner. The template will now be available in your workspace!

Are Notion Templates Safe?

Notion templates are completely safe to use. When you pick a template to use, nothing is downloaded to your device. Instead, a copy of the template is created and added to your Notion workspace.

What Are the Benefits of Using Notion Templates?

When you start using Notion you can get all your tasks, thoughts, and plans in one place. The biggest benefit of using templates is that they have been created especially with a topic in mind.

Travel planning? No problem. Start using Travelo and manage your trip from start to finish in one place.

Need to manage a large work project either solo or for a team? Easy! Get Balance OS and map out every detail to your heart’s content. Manage long-term tasks from any device.

Are you tired of forgetting things when you go to the grocery store? Thanks to the Notion Grocery List template you never have to forget again. Add to the list each time something runs out or when updating your meal planner.

All these templates help boost productivity. Not only that, but Notion syncs across your devices. Make sure to download the app on your mobile to track your tasks on the go!

Can You Create Your Own Notion Template?

Yes! Anyone can create their own Notion template. If you’ve got an idea for a basic template, then create one in your workspace.

Create your own general board, vision board, or mood board for use when you are putting together ideas.

Once you’ve created your template you can share it! Click on ‘Share’ shown in the top-right hand corner and share a link to your template with anyone on the web!

These 15 best Notion templates for personal productivity can make a huge difference in your life.

Track all areas of your personal and business life with these powerful productivity tools. Large projects, finances, or travel plans are a few of the templates you can use.

Staying organized or running a successful business is much easier thanks to these templates!

Start now by using the links above to add each template to your Notion workspace. Once you’ve done this you can work on each one to decide which is best for you!