Notion Google Calendar Integration

Larry Snyder
Written By Larry Snyder

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Using multiple apps to manage projects, track events, and schedule meetings can quickly become labor intensive.

You may use Google Calendar to schedule meetings, book events, and manage project activities. Along with Google Calendar, you may use Notion as well. Notion is an excellent tool for amongst other things keeping detailed notes, building a company wiki, and tracking daily tasks.

If you could integrate the two applications, think of how much more efficient you could be! Not to mention the time you could save.

Notion Google Calendar integration makes this possible. Manage projects, keep up to date with administrative tasks, and never miss any upcoming events! Find out more now in this comprehensive guide to integrating Google Calendar with Notion.

Does Notion Sync with Google Calendar?

Notion and Google Calendar do work well together, but don’t currently sync. A Google Calendar can be embedded in Notion. However, it’s view-only. This means you can’t amend the calendar from your Notion workspace.

When you want to create a new calendar event or edit an existing event, then you must go to Google Calendar to make changes as needed.

Although this is not ideal, the visibility of Google Calendar in Notion can be great for teams or individuals wanting a dashboard with a quick view of daily tasks or upcoming events.

The good news is that thanks to the API of Notion and automation tools, a 2-way sync between Notion and Google Calendar can be created. 

How to Connect Google Calendar with Notion

Putting Google calendar into Notion isn’t an actual integration. What’s actually happening is that the Google Calendar is embedded into a Notion page allowing you view-only access.

Connecting Google Calendar with Notion can be done in a few simple steps. First, go to Google Calendar and find the calendar you want to embed. You will find this under ‘My Calendars’ on the left-hand side.

Next, hover over the three-dot menu icon and click ‘Settings and Sharing’.

Scroll down the page and tick the box marked ‘Make Available to Public’. Now copy the URL from the box called ‘Public URL to this Calendar’.

Armed with the calendar URL you are now ready to embed it into Notion. Open the Notion page you want the Google Calendar to appear on.

Type into an empty block ‘/embed’ and then click Embed when it’s displayed. A popup box will appear, and you can paste into it the calendar URL linking Notion to your Google Calendar.

Follow these same simple steps should you wish to embed anything else on a Notion page. A Google Doc, Google Sheets, or your Google Drive could all be connected using this straightforward method.

Can Notion and Google Calendar Sync?

Embedding Google Calendar into your Notion workspace is a straightforward process. Once embedded you can view the calendar, but it cannot be amended in Notion.

In Notion, the calendar is view-only. Calendar entries that need to be changed will have to be changed from Google Calendar.

The good news is that any changes made in Google Calendar will sync to the calendar view in Notion. It can take a few minutes for Notion to catch up, but the calendar will sync across the two platforms.

Why Use Google Calendar with Notion

Google Calendar is easy to use, can be integrated with lots of other applications, and makes setting up meetings, events, and projects a pain-free and quick process.

Notion is a powerful productivity tool that lets users create pages to their specifications. Customization of workspaces, end-to-end project management, and the option to embed webpages are a few of the key benefits of using Notion.

You could use Google Calendar as a bare-bones project management system. Instead, get the best of both worlds and combine the two! 

Now you have a powerful productivity tool that can be used to successfully manage projects of any size.

How to Use Google Calendar with Notion

Once you’ve embedded Google Calendar into Notion you or your team can view the calendar. Any changes made in Google Calendar will sync with Notion.

To get more out of this combination it’s also possible for the information to go the other way. From Notion to Google.

You will need to use automation tools alongside Notion API to perform this function. 

The first step is to create an integration in Notion. Select ‘Settings & Members’ from the left-hand side toolbar.

A pop-up box will appear, click ‘Integrations’ from the bottom of the list on the left-hand side.

Now you will be shown the option to select that is called ‘Develop your own integrations’.

Here you can select ‘+ New Integration’, give the custom integration a name, and choose which Notion Workspace it will be used for.

To complete the process, click ‘Submit’. Notion will now create a token that you can paste into the bot tool that you’re using.

Once everything is set up it means that anytime a task in the Notion database gets a time and due date, the event details will be added to your Google Calendar.

A cool tip that’s worth knowing is that any database item in Notion can be shared with your Google Calendar. The database in Notion needs a date property to be entered and it will share the task.

Testing the integration is easy. Add a start and end time in the Due Date property. Go to Google Calendar and see if the task appears. If it does, then the integration is successful! 

Using Notion to send data to Google Calendar can be a fantastic tool that will save you lots of time!

Is Notion or Google Calendar Better?

The Notion Calendar function has a lot of awesome features that make it more suited to use for tasks. This is because anything that you can do on a Notion page can be done in the Notion Calendar. Embedding video, Kanban boards, files, and more are all compatible.

Google Calendar offers some key features that make it worthwhile to use as well. Email integration, the ability to connect Google Calendar with other calendars, and seamless integration with the rest of G Suite make keeping Google Calendar a must.

The best answer is to use both

Embed Google Calendar into Notion to accelerate workflows, boost productivity, and maintain an all-in-one workspace with G Suite. Notion Calendar can continue to be used as a great resource for files and links.

One word of caution. To embed Google Calendar, it must be made public. This means everyone can see it. If you work with sensitive data, then embedding Google Calendar in Notion is not recommended.

Now you know how easy it is to integrate your Google Calendar with Notion, why not give it a go?

Managing daily tasks, projects, and team collaboration are made much easier by combining these two dependable applications!

Thanks to Notion syncing across all devices it’s installed on, you can easily manage your projects from anywhere!