The Best Notion To-Do List Templates

Larry Snyder
Written By Larry Snyder

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Do you find it difficult to complete your to-do list every day? Are you constantly juggling an insane amount of multi-colored post-it notes trying to figure out what you should be doing at that moment?

Losing that scrap of paper could mean missing an essay deadline or an important meeting for work.

Don’t worry! We’ve all been there. The good news is that there is a solution – start using Notion to-do list templates. Notion is an awesome personal productivity tool that syncs across devices. That means never forgetting a deadline again!

Is Notion Good For To-Do Lists?

Notion is a fantastic resource for to-do lists. A key reason for Notion’s superiority over other productivity tools is its flexibility. Templates can be for individual use or shared with a team. 

Each template can be customized, have links embedded, and made into complex to-do lists. All these factors make Notion a great choice for to-do lists and much more!

The Best Notion To-Do List Templates

Whether you need a simple daily task manager or an in-depth board to plan out projects from start to finish, there is a perfect template for everything!

Let’s take a look at the best Notion to-do list templates.

‘One Big Thing’ Based To-Do List

The ‘One Big Thing’ to-do list has two sections. First is the Important Events section, where you can add the date, time, and event name. 

The Today I Will Accomplish section has three columns. In the first column, you can make a list of everything you must do that day. Column two has space to add if it’s a little, medium, or big thing. The third column allows you to add a label for the activity – for example, academic, work, or something else. 

Now you just need to decide how to prioritize your tasks!

‘One Big Thing’ Based To-Do List

Lightweight To-Do List

The Lightweight to-do list is great if you want a task management system that is straightforward.

The template has three columns to list your to-do items. Use To-Do’s to list each task you need to do. When you are working on a task, move it to the Doing column. Upon completion move the task over to the Done column. Easy! 

To move each block simply hold down the left mouse button and drag it across.

Lightweight To-Do List

Quick Note

Quick Note provides an effortless way to quickly take notes and manage tasks. There is a block for notes that gives you space to note those lightbulb moments when they happen!

Use the To-Do list to tick off those daily tasks. The template has a block titled Sub-Pages which can be used to make lists. 

When browsing the web, you sometimes want to save a page for later. Quick Note has a section to add links that allow you to go back to those web pages anytime.

Quick Note

Habit Tracker

Successfully building good habits requires time. Using Habit Tracker means you can build those good habits in no time!

Set up your template by adding the habits you want to do. Tick them off each day and before you know it you will be doing them without a prompt!

Habit Tracker

Daily Journal

Journaling is a wonderful way to track your ideas, thoughts, and experiences each day. The template has one simple instruction – Tell me about your day.

Record everything you want to in the block provided. Each entry is automatically tagged with the month and year. This makes looking back on your journal much faster.

There is a weekly template with three questions. What did you do this week? What are you grateful for? What do you want to do next week?

Answering these questions weekly can help you be a more effective planner for the week ahead.

To add these journaling options to your Notion Workspace, simply use the Nick Rafferty download link. Like all these templates there is no charge!

Daily Journal template

Task List

Task List is a no-nonsense task board. You’ve got three columns to use – To Do, Doing, and Done. Simply drag each block to the appropriate column as you make progress. You can add subtasks or notes to each task when you want to make more detailed task lists.

Task List template

Brain Dump

Remembering all the things you want to do is much easier if you use Brain Dump. The to-do list template comes with six lists already set up including Skills I Want To Learn and Career Wishlist.

As you complete each one you can simply tick them off! Notion templates can all be customized. This means you can change these lists to whatever topics you want or create more lists!

Brain Dump templates

Weekly Agenda

The Weekly Agenda template is an uncomplicated tool that allows you to map out the week ahead. There is ample room to add tasks for each day of the week and weekend. Plus, the archived section allows you to easily do a weekly review if you need to check previous tasks!

Weekly Agenda Template

Weekly Reset

The Weekly Reset template gives you three lists that you can use to comprehensively organize your personal and professional tasks.

Get Clear is for listing all those things you’ve been putting off sorting out. For example, deleting old emails, clearing out drawers, or sorting through all those ideas you’ve noted!

Get Current gives you space to list all the things you must do. Life/Business is a list of things you must do on a regular basis.

Don’t forget, you can change all these names to suit you. Make each template your own!

Weekly Reset Template

Productivity System

If you are seeking detailed productivity tools, then look no further than Productivity System. There are three columns to map out tasks, lists, and projects in fine detail.

Time Block gives you ample space to plan your entire day’s tasks from 8am to 11pm. The calendar allows you to see at a glance what is happening and when.

What makes this template an amazing personal productivity tool are the Tracking pages. When you add the template to your workspace there are six pages included. 

Ideation and Vision Board are awesome to start mapping out those world-changing ideas. Learning could be used to record things you have learnt or want to. If you are an aspiring coder, then the Coding page could help you track your progress.

Goal Planner is great for setting both short- and long-term goals. Portfolio Tracker 2.0 is a wonderful resource for collating all the relevant project evidence you’ve worked on. 

These pages were all set up by the template creator, but you can rename them or amend them according to how they will benefit you. 

Productivity System Template

How Do I Get A Notion Template

Notion templates can be added to your Notion workspace in two simple steps. First, go to the template page you wish to add. Use the links above to go to any of the templates discussed here.

On the template page you will see the word ‘Duplicate’ in the top-right corner of the page.

Click on Duplicate and the template will be copied to your Notion workspace. It’s now yours to use however you like!

Ways to Create a To-Do List in Notion

The easiest way to create a to-do list in Notion is to use one of the 10 template links above! Add them to your workspace and customize them to meet your requirements.

To create your own to-do list from scratch, start by clicking the New Page button found in the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

On the pop-up that appears fill in the title you wish to use and scroll down. Underneath the Database header select Table.

Now you can create a simple to-do list. The name column can be used to add the name of the task. Column 2, Tags, can be changed to a checkbox. Click on the Tags block to get a pop-up menu. Under Property Type you can access a list, select Checkbox from the list, and now you can tick off things as you complete them!

Call the third column Due Date and pick Date from the Property Type list and you’ve got yourself a column for adding deadlines.

That’s a straightforward to-do list in just a few simple steps! Remember, you can name the blocks whatever you like. This is just my example.

How Do I Make My Notion Page Pretty?

Notion allows users to customize every template. Each template can have a cover photo. You can choose one provided by Notion or upload your own!

Every block is customizable, and you can change the color of both the text and background. Click the three-dots menu button that appears when you hover over a block to get a menu allowing you to edit each one.

Is Notion Better Than Todoist?

Todoist allows users to create to-do lists that can be managed on the go or shared with others. It’s one of many productivity apps on the market.

However, Notion is packed with features that when used fully put it far beyond the capabilities of Todoist. 

Simple to-do lists, complete project management, and the ability to integrate other tools means Notion is an all-in-one workspace that is better than Todoist for most users.

Which Is Better Evernote or Notion?

Evernote is a note-taking tool that lets users manage all their files together. Notion can be used as an all-in-one workspace with a vast range of functionality. 

Users of Notion can integrate their workspace with other tools they are using, choose from a huge range of free templates, and create their own custom pages. These awesome features put Notion ahead of Evernote as it’s far more than just a note-taking tool.

Is Notion Better Than OneNote?

OneNote is a note-taking tool that is popular but caters more to individual use. Notion provides a workspace that you can use solo or when collaborating as a team.

Project management, to-do lists, and the ability to create complex pages make Notion a better all-round productivity tool.

These Notion to-do list templates will help you manage both your personal and professional life. You could use one, all, or a combination of sheets to maximize your productivity.

For example, you could use Quick Note as a simple daily checklist. The Weekly Agenda template can be used to map out your weekly tasks, and the Productivity System template is fantastic for managing projects from start to finish. Make sure to use as many of these templates as you want to!

If you are wondering what to do next, simply click the links above to add each template to your Notion workspace. Now you can start crushing it daily!