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Every day we are bombarded with information from multiple sources. Did you know that the average American consumes 34 gigabytes of data every day? That’s an insane amount of information.

Social media marketing, TV ads, video games, and work projects are a constant source of daily information overload. That’s not even mentioning everyday tasks we must think about!

Thankfully you no longer must rely on your memory or finding that scrap of paper full of lists furiously scribbled down. You can use a tool like Evernote to organize your life like never before!

Evernote is a versatile productivity tool that can help you supercharge your daily life. Businesses, students, homemakers, or anyone wanting to become more organized can benefit from using Evernote. 

These best Evernote templates have been compiled to help you unleash your best self!

What Are Evernote Templates and How Do I Use Them?

Evernote templates are pre-made templates that can be used repeatedly. Using note templates is a fantastic time-saver as the hard work has been done for you!

All you need to do is create a new note, go to the template gallery, and select the template you wish to use by clicking the ‘Use Template’ button. Easy!

Best Evernote Templates

Choosing which template to use is now much easier! These are the best Evernote templates to use covering a wide range of situations. Whether you are working on class projects, business goals, an individual project, or something else the perfect template is here for you!

Meeting Notes

Project management often requires having a team meeting. Similarly, when working on an academic project it’s quite common to do group work. Taking accurate meeting notes means there is no confusion about the outcome of the meeting.

Using the Meeting Notes template allows the note-taker and rest of the attendees to have a clear, concise, and accurate summary of the meeting. 

There is ample room on the template to record actions, assignments, and a summary of the meeting. If everyone present agrees, you can use the Evernote audio recording function to record the meeting. Listening to the recording means the meeting notes will be accurate!

Personal Stress Log

Stress is a serious problem, if not taken seriously unmanaged stress could lead to all kinds of major health problems. Recent studies show that 60% of Americans feel stress on a daily basis. That’s a staggering amount!

One way to combat stress is to recognize that you are experiencing it. Keeping a Personal Stress Log helps you keep a record of every time you felt stressed and why.

Reflecting on stressful moments means you can identify your main triggers. Reducing these instances can help reduce stress and help you live a more satisfying life.

Please seek urgent help if you are experiencing severe stress. Burnout, heart attacks, strokes, and more can be caused by untreated stress. Speak to your doctor if you feel your stress has become unmanageable.

Travel Packing Template

Going on vacation is something everyone looks forward to. However, getting ready for vacation can be fraught with worry!

Thanks to the Travel Packing Template you can remove a lot of the pre-vacation worry that everyone goes through.

The template is nice and easy to use with a clear interface. Split into categories it lets you build a list covering everything you need for your vacation. Check off items on the to-do list when packed. 

Note your destination, special events, and days on vacation. Knowing your itinerary in advance means you won’t forget to do the special things on vacation that you dreamed of doing!

Goals Dump List

Making plans for your personal life or to grow your business requires planning. A great way to start is by doing a Goals Dump List

You can note all your blog post ideas, marketing goals, party ideas, project plans, and more! Every time you think of something, hop on this note, and add your idea. 

Once you’ve got your list of amazing ideas, what now? 

Now you need to make those ideas become reality! To do this you can use the Goal Tracker Template to expand your ideas. Each idea can have its own goal tracker linked allowing you to build a step-by-step strategy to achieve your goals.

Here is an example of a Goals Dump List:

You will notice a link to another note. That link takes you to the goal tracking note for the goal of getting stage-ready. The goal tracking note looks like this:

Using these notes together is a surefire way to hitting your targets in both life and business!

Marketing Asset Library

Building a library of marketing tools is a vital way to manage resources. Evernote is a collaborative tool which means every note can be shared with the entire project team.

The ability to create, store, and share marketing content using one location is fantastic for boosting teamwork, productivity, and ensuring the entire team has access to the same marketing resources.

The Marketing Asset Library ticks all these boxes as it allows you to effortlessly store all marketing materials in one convenient location.

Marketing Plan

Running a successful marketing campaign requires excellent planning. The Marketing Plan template is a detailed marketing organizer comprised of seven sections.

Use the Details section to build an overview of the marketing plan and a timeline. Next is the Research section for outlining key points and reference information. In the Goals and Objectives section, there is ample room for your goals, marketing targets, and other objectives.

The Buyer Persona section lets you create a detailed analysis of your target market.

Find key dates at a glance in the Calendar section. To add more Calendar templates, copy and paste as many as needed to cover your marketing campaign. Unneeded months can be deleted if not required.

The Evaluation section is used for setting baselines and tracking performance. Setting baselines at the start of your marketing plan is essential for setting expectations. Tracking performance as the marketing plan progresses is vital for spotting areas that are underperforming.

Finally, there is the sign-off section that gives space for all stakeholders to sign off on the marketing plan.

Social Media Calendar

Influencers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and other businesses all need a clear social media strategy. Creating and posting content on a set schedule leads to more followers and engagement.

There are so many social media platforms that you could easily forget one!

Thanks to the Social Media Calendar template you never have to worry about forgetting to post content on platforms again. 

Project Overview

Project Overview is split into six sections allowing every team member and manager to remain updated.

The Details section can be used to give a project overview. Ideas & Planning is for everyone’s project ideas and fine tuning the detailed plan.

In the Timeline section, you can agree on key dates, milestones, and other project events. As the project progresses, this section can be regularly updated to monitor the progress of the project.

Use the Task Tracker section for detailing project tasks before and during the project. Urgent takes can always be added during the project. The Closure section can be used to summarize the project including successes and areas of improvement for the future.

Finally, the Sign Off section is for all team members and managers that were involved in the project to sign off on their involvement.

How Would You Use Evernote Templates?

Evernote templates can be used to organize, plan, and manage all aspects of your life. Here are some suggestions on how you can use the best Evernote templates.


Creating lists is a great way to make sure you never forget something. Shopping lists, repeatable tasks, or a list to record gift ideas are all possible reasons to make a list.

Using a checkbox list in Evernote allows you to organize all the lists you use to manage your life. Every time an item is complete you can tick it off and move on to the next item. Simple!

Note taking & collaboration

Evernote is a note taking tool that can revolutionize business meetings. Use a meeting notes template to make accurate and clear meeting notes. Not only does this mean attendees have notes to refer back to, but also people that couldn’t attend the meeting get accurate notes.

Making sure all team members are kept up to date is awesome for better business relationships.

Look out for the Evernote audio recording feature. Using this tool means every aspect of the meeting will be properly noted. Just make sure every attendee is happy to be recorded!


Planning a vacation, wedding, or another significant life event is much easier using Evernote. 

Create notes for each event and share them with anyone else that is involved. That way everyone is on the same page.

For example, when planning a vacation, you may make a vacation bucket list. You could add to the list everything you might want to take with you or activities to do at the destination. Research can be added to each note and a checklist used to tick off every task as it’s completed. Planning using Evernote means that everything is more likely to go to plan!


Aspiring writers, bloggers, and seasoned authors can use Evernote for managing their writing projects. Lists can be made for article ideas, blog ideas, and story ideas.

Downloadable templates can be used for tracking progress, creating a timeline, or building character backstories. You could even make your own custom templates to fit in with your preferred style and regular content needs.

To be a good writer you also need to read a lot. Making a book list on Evernote is an easy way to track everything you have read and want to read.


Cooking fanatics often have piles of cookbooks. Although a shelf of cookbooks looks tantalizing, thumbing through them for cooking inspiration can be time-consuming!

Instead, why not use Evernote to compile all your favorite recipe ideas in one convenient location. That way you can quickly find the recipe for the meal you want to make and get on with the important thing of cooking!

Add a drink list to your Evernote and you will always know which drink goes with which meal.

Are Evernote Templates Safe to Use?

Evernote has a robust security policy that means all templates are safe to use. Your data is kept private and secure by Evernote. Only users that you share content with can access any notes that you create.

How to Create a Custom Template in Evernote?

What if you want to create your own templates? Maybe you need finance templates that are more specific to your needs. Perhaps you have a wicked idea for a daily recharge template. The good news is that you can create your own templates on Evernote.

You will need a paid Evernote account if you want to make your own templates.

Making a custom template is super easy. First, go to the note you want to turn into a template. Click the note menu and select ‘Save as template’. The note menu is represented as three dots in the top right corner.

Give your template a name, save it, and now your template can be used anytime from the ‘My Templates’ tab in the template gallery.

Users of the free plan can’t save a template, but you can copy a note. Open the note menu and click Duplicate. You can now use the note again and edit it if needed.

Can I Share My Templates With Others Using Evernote’s Template Gallery?

Templates cannot be shared from your Evernote template gallery. Instead, you can create a note using the template and share the note. 

Notes can be easily shared using the share menu, or by exporting the note as an ENEX file.

Now you know the best Evernote templates you can start using them straight away!

Get started now by downloading one or all these Evernote templates. In no time at all your productivity will soar and all areas of your life will be boosted!